• Non-Invasive Vent Letter Launched in Senate

    Newly unveiled companion to House letter calls on CMS and HHS to pull back from including non-invasive vents in competitive bidding. Providers urged to enlist their Senators’ support. 06/20/2019

  • HMEB Podcast: Zip Code Changes and CRT Opportunities

    Episode 010 of the HME Business talks to experts about funding implications of CMS’s reclassification of multiple rural and non-bid zip codes, as well as sales opportunities for HME providers in the CRT market. 06/20/2019

  • RAC Approved to Audit Diabetes Test Strips

    Performant will only review HCPCS code A4253 and claims paid date must be within three years before the Additional Documentation Request. 06/20/2019


  • CMS Opens Round 2021 Registration

    Authorized officials have 14 days to get in DBIdS and Connexion, backup authorized officials have 21 days, and the registration window closes completely in 67 days. 06/13/2019

  • Zip Code Changes Impact HMEs

    CMS has changed zip code designation for various areas which has in turned changed the reimbursement rates for providers in those areas. 06/13/2019

  • Providers Hit VGM Heartland

    The 18th edition of the annual event saw a major change and offered some new educational features, while offering attendees some familiar faves, as well. 06/13/2019

  • Mass. HME Provider Tightens Focus on Hospice Market

    Mass Bay Respiratory has rebranded as Mass Bay Medical Supplies to reach hospice patients, families and caregivers with an array of hospice-oriented products and services. 06/13/2019

  • Study: 170 Million People in the Americas Have Sleep Apnea

    New ResMed study shows the sleep apnea patient population in Americas alone is well over previous worldwide estimates of 100 million people. 06/13/2019

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